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Date/Time 11 May 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm: at Back Forty West (Soho)

Calçotada at Back Forty West


Dear Friends and Fellow Calçotophiles,

As we all know in our bones, it’s been a long winter and spring hasn’t been a piece of cake either. Snow really did fall two days ago and I actually had to pull a hat and gloves back out of the winter drawer. The good news is that unlike last year when many of the calçots didn’t make it through the winter, this year’s crop is bountiful having benefited from a nice snow blanket to protect them from the cold throughout the winter. The bad news though is that they are growing very slowly and won’t be thick enough for good grilling and dipping in time for May 4th. Hence, I have decided to reschedule the feast to Sunday May 11th which in honor of all mothers including our Earth Mother is a very auspicious day to hold a spring’s return celebration. If you bought tickets and can make the new date, just let us know and we’ll see you on the 11th. If you can’t make the new date then call us and we will refund your money. And if you couldn’t make the 4th but can now join us, then all the better. Sorry for the turmoil but we can’t control Mother Nature. Best, Peter


One of the most enchanting food events I have ever participated in was a Calçotada in the Valls region of Spain just outside of Barcelona. I recreated it here back in ’98 and it’s become an annual event. The Calçotada is my bacchanalian offering to the gods that spring has returned, that scrunched shoulders can relax down our backs. It’s our nod to the Promethean magic of fire and the food it allows us to cook.  We grill wintered-over leeks in Catalan fashion over an open fire and then eat them with our hands, dipping them in romesco sauce.  Grilled lamb chops, botifarra sausage and white beans follow, along with porrons of rosé and the sounds of Flamenco guitar and song. Ever-memorable.  This year, we are hosting the Calçotada on Sunday, May 11th on Prince Street.  Don’t miss it.


Sunday, May 11th
5:30PM-8:00 PM
$85 plus tax, gratuity, and paypal admin fee

All seating for Calçotada is communal.  Please purchase group tickets in the same time slot to ensure seats at the same table. Back Forty West’s regular menu is not be available during Calçotada.
The total cost of a Calçotada ticket is $113.35.  This includes $85 for food and wine, plus sales tax, 20% gratuity and paypal admin fee.  Ticket are available below


Bookings are currently closed for this event.