Chesapeake Style Crab Feasts

back-forty-crab-boil-nyc-01_sq-7361 Crab boils date back centuries on the Chesapeake Bay. So when each summer rolls around we crave again the tradition of cracking, banging, busting and sucking crabs around a table accompanied by friends and a few pitchers of beer. Our crab boils at Back Forty are bar none, the finest in the city. Few are as generous with the crabs and none match the deliciousness of our own fingerlicking spice blend. We dump a mountain of spiced crabs onto newspaper wrapped tables and serve it with other hand-eaten side dishes like stone ground cornbread, corn on the cob, boiled new potatoes and string beans. You wash it all down with pitchers of beer. Then we come back around with hand towels for the clean-up and summer fruit cobblers for dessert. If you haven’t experienced one, you’ve got to try it. If you’re an old hand, well, then you already know. There’s nothing like it. Crab boils take place every Tuesday night on Prince Street with seatings every half hour from 6:00-8:30.   Book tickets for Tuesday July 12th here and the 15th here

Back Forty West
After 26 years on the corner of Prince and Crosby Streets, I am moving away from a bricks and mortar involvement with the restaurant business. July 16th will be our last day of service for Back Forty West. My interests have evolved over the past decades and so I am shifting my efforts beyond day-to-day operations of a food service business to work on broader food and agriculture issues. Since its inception Susan and I strove to build a passionate community of neighbors, patrons, employees and suppliers. We succeeded. That community has sustained us in myriad ways and we are deeply grateful. We are also proud of the cooks and service staff we mentored, of all the dollars we committed to purchasing local or sustainable ingredients, and of the memorable meals we cooked and orchestrated for thousands of diners who share our aesthetic and social values. These efforts have indelibly altered the food economy, shifted how we think about food and made us all healthier and happier people. In addition to any activist work you might find me involved with, look forward to curated events, pop-ups, and more published prose from me. It’s not that running a restaurant is any more challenging today than it was when we took over an old luncheonette on a crack vial strewn block of not-really Soho in 1990, I am just less stimulated by the prospect of meeting those challenges. Writing a food memoir and deepening my relationships with the activist food community is what I have set my sights on. Please stop by for a Back Forty cocktail or a meal and share some memories with us. Or post it on Fb. We’re happy to hear from you in any form.
70 Prince St. @ Crosby St. New York, NY Telephone: (212) 219-8570
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