7729_163665036571_7924861_nOne of the most enchanting food events I have ever experienced was a Calçotada in the Valls region of Spain just outside of Barcelona. Inspired, I recreated it here back in 1998 and it has become an annual event for the last nineteen years. The Calçotada is my bacchanalian offering to the gods that spring has returned. It's our nod to Prometheus, the magic of fire and all the foods it allows us to enjoy. The evening starts out with grilling wintered over leeks over an open fire which we eat with our hands, dipping them in romesco sauce. Grilled lamb, botifarra sausage and white beans follow along with porrons of rosé and the sounds of Flamenco guitar and song. Ever-memorable. We are doing it two nights this year- Sunday May 15th and Monday May 16th. Don't miss it.

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Back Forty West
Located in the former home of Savoy—where Peter Hoffman's pioneering farm-to-table ethics made him "a locavore before the word existed," per the New York Times—Back Forty West shares many a dish with its neighbor to the East, with bonus items including smoked pork shoulder, suckling pig, and a working fireplace.
70 Prince St. @ Crosby St. New York, NY Telephone: (212) 219-8570
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