Back Forty
At its core, Back Forty is a burger joint—but an organic and responsibly sourced one, with ample, in-season vegetarian dishes. Just as Savoy broke new ground when it offered a relaxed approach to the concept of a chef-driven restaurant with greenmarket ideals, Back Forty East continues in that tradition.
190 Avenue B @ 12th St. New York, NY. Telephone: (212) 388-1992
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Back Forty West
Located in the former home of Savoy—where Peter Hoffman's pioneering farm-to-table ethics made him "a locavore before the word existed," per the New York Times—Back Forty West shares many a dish with its neighbor to the East, with bonus items including smoked pork shoulder, suckling pig, and a working fireplace.
70 Prince St. @ Crosby St. New York, NY Telephone: (212) 219-8570
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Map, times, and contact